The focus area of Innovation Hub CLC South encompasses all the main themes of the EIT RawMaterials: primary resources (geophysics and exploration, rock mechanics, treatment of mineral resources and waste), recycling (metals and minerals processing, refining and recycling; industrial waste; collection and processing of end-of-life products), and substitution (materials and nanomaterials design, bio-based substitution, biopolymers, elastomers, composites and natural rubber).

Innovation Hub CLC South areas of expertise also encompass production technologies for materials, tires manufacturing, steel, iron and light metal alloys. The Innovation Hub has a number of partners, including seven institutions and 11 core partners as well as associated partners, located in Spain, Italy and Hungary.

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The team

Pier Luigi Franceschini

Innovation Hub Director CLC South

Valeria De Petris

Administration and Finance Officer

Dr Fabio Ferri

Education Manager

Lorena Jurado

Business Development Manager

Fabio Pegorin

Business Development Manager