Stimulating circular economy in the raw materials sector

ADRIATHON is designed as a competition in a digital environment to develop innovative solutions for the activation of the Waste Exchange Market run by the Croatian Chamber of Economy. ADRIATHON will take place on 16-17 September with three preparatory webinars before the hackathon.

What is the challenge?

The general goal of organising ADRIATHON is to prolong the life cycle of the mineral raw materials by increasing the recovery rate of construction waste in the Republic of Croatia, with the following specific goals:

  • to reduce the difference between the actual and recorded amount of construction waste generated in the Republic of Croatia,
  • to increase the number of companies that aim to achieve a status of by-products for the waste generated,
  • to support the development of the secondary raw materials market in the mineral resources sector in the Republic of Croatia.

The two-day event should result in a developed Proof of Concept for each team, or each idea, which will then be presented to the Evaluation and Selection Committee of ADRIATHON. Participants will receive detailed instructions promptly by e-mail, through the RC ADRIA website and/or during the introductory webinars.

Why should you participate?

In addition to the personal and professional benefits, gaining new knowledge and establishing business contacts, ADRIATHON participants can expect:

  • monetary prize for the best idea according to the evaluation of the Evaluation and Selection Committee – 3,200.00 euros (nett value, VAT is the obligation of the receiver)
  • rewards for participation
  • the possibility of further development of the idea under the guidance of a mentor and in cooperation with the organisers and partners.

The criteria for the evaluation and selection of ideas and the composition of the Selection Committee will be published during July 2021 on the ADRIATHON website.

How to register?

The application is submitted by 20 August via an online form on the ADRIATHON website. Individuals or teams can apply. Registered individuals will be organised into teams by the organisers, of which they will be notified in advance.

Apply here