EIT RawMaterials will organise a workshop ‘How methodology determines what is critical’ during the international conference Resources for Future Generations (RFG), in Vancouver, Canada, 16-21 June 2018.

The call for abstracts is open – we will be happy to receive your contribution. Please submit your abstract until 15 January 2018 here.

About MIN35: How methodology determines what is critical

Access to raw materials has always been fundamental to the development of human culture. Advanced materials have often played a key role as enablers of innovation. In recent years, awareness about vulnerable global supply chains of specific materials or semi-finished products has grown worldwide. Environmental risks and social issues related to the extraction and making of materials have turned out to be critical in several cases. However, today material criticality is hard to grasp as it is still obscured by several diverse and immature methodologies. The session gives room for presentations and open discussion about how methodology determines what is critical.

Keynote speakers include Prof Thomas Graedel, Dr Christian Hagelüken, and Dr Karen Hanghøj. The workshop goes hand in hand with a meeting of the International Roundtable on Materials Criticality – an EIT RawMaterials project led by the ESM Foundation, which will gather key experts on criticality.

About Resources for Future Generations (RFG) 2018

RFG 2018 is a unique international conference dedicated to the availability of energy, minerals, and water needed to sustain future generations. The conference will showcase advances in earth science, societal and technical innovation, and education that can change the course of history.

Please visit the conference webpage for more information.