Excellence in Mining and Mineral engineering

The University of Lorraine has just made a spectacular leap in the Shanghai Academic ranking in the “Mining and Mineral engineering” category, from 19th to 11th place. It is the only European University in the TOP 20, and is followed by Imperial College (23 °), and Freiberg (27 °). For instance, it is the fourth non-Chinese University after 4 Australian Universities.

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According to the University of Lorraine, this achievement results from both:

  • the quality of training in engineering schools (ENSG, Ecole des Mines) and at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lorraine.
  • the excellence of the research produced in Geosciences by the Otelo scientific centre (Lorraine Earth and Environment Observatory) in the field of metal cycles.

Strategic Metal Resources in the 21st Century

The Laboratory of Excellence (LabEx), “RESSOURCES21”, has strongly reinforced the activities in this field, bringing together a multidisciplinary team of researchers. The research addresses many challenges in terms of geology, mineral processing and environmental and ecotoxicological impact. In particular, researchers emphasis to understand the processes that lead to the formation of metal deposits, developing innovative tools for ore processing. Moreover, they aim to enhance our understanding of the environmental impact of these metals once scattered throughout the ecosystem.

Since its creation, the LabEx has supported 124 masters, 22 doctoral students, 28 post-docs. Since 2013, 174 publications with a LabEx RESSOURCES21 label have been recorded.

In the current context, ensuring the supply of metals in a responsible and environmental-friendly manner, especially for the energy transition, is more essential than ever. The great diversity of know-how of the CNRS-UL and INRAe-UL joint research units are contributing to the scientific challenges of the future. Our planet will experience strong developments in the coming years in the field of ressources.

Alexandre Chagnes, Scientific Director of LabEx Resources 21-II, University of Lorraine