Fostering digital transformation of the raw materials sector with smart processing solutions

On 5 November, 10 selected teams from the Eramet Real-time Monitoring Challenge were invited to pitch in front of the evaluation panel of experts. Congratulations to the three finalists, abautmecorad and Sisprobe that will continue the journey to the final in January 2021!

We are very pleased that many of the TOP 10 teams have been supported by EIT RawMaterials through our different business creation activities – from the EIT Jumpstarter, Accelerator programme to Booster. They are ambitious changemakers developing new digital monitoring solutions that will impact the raw materials sector.

Nora Groth, Business Development Manager at EIT RawMaterials

I was really impressed by the projects presented during this Open Innovation Day. We have found quickly ideas of collaborations for concrete operational applications that will help ERAMET to be more competitive.

Denis Richard, Executive Expert at Eramet Ideas, Member of the Evaluation Committee of the Eramet Real-time Monitoring Challenge

The finalists will be working with dedicated experts from Eramet and EIT RawMaterials to tackle specific challenges of user applications.

abaut – smart technologies for challenging industrial environments

abaut offers Industrial IoT and real-time data analysis for construction, mining and smart city that generate unique knowledge to support engineers, architects and public authorities around the world to make better decisions.

mecorad – fabrication NXT ready solutions

mecorad works on in-line measurement and optimisation for hot metals forming of steel and metals. The start-up helps operators of metalworking plants to realise a higher quality of products, reduce loss in production and to connect their production facilities internally and along their value chain.

Sisprobe – sourceless seismic solution

Sisprobe has developed state-of-the-art source-free, cable-free, multi-component 3D seismic imaging solutions for global applications. Results are delivered in months using naturally occurring ambient seismicity in the earth, thus having a huge bottom-line impact.