Sharing knowledge, best practices and innovative technologies to boost innovation and entrepreneurship in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe

Innovation has a prominent role in Europe’s efforts to tackle major societal and environmental challenges. The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) and the EIT Communities are working towards this objective by accelerating innovation and supporting the creation of conditions where innovation is more likely to thrive and generate breakthroughs.

The EIT Regional Innovation Scheme Report provides an insight into the achievements of the EIT’s Innovation Communities in strengthening the innovation ecosystem in parts of Central, Eastern and Southern Europe. It outlines the main on-the-ground activities, deployed services and cooperation mechanisms with local players that took place as part of the EIT Regional Innovation Scheme. In addition, it highlights success stories of start-ups and innovators that have benefited from the collaboration with the EIT Innovation Communities and created an impact with their innovative solutions.

In the past two years, the EIT and its Innovation Communities have introduced a number of new services and collaboration mechanisms in the supported countries. To this end, the EIT Regional Innovation Scheme was reinforced and used as a tool to engage with a broader range of stakeholders. With this report, the EIT wishes to highlight the results of the efforts of its Innovation Communities in boosting the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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The report takes a close look at business support services that the EIT’s Innovation Communities have set up to increase the number and business maturity of start-ups coming from these regions. In the following pages, readers can also find testimonials and success stories from supported entrepreneurs. In a similar fashion, the report summarises education and innovation support activities that have helped create a generation of innovators.

The objective of the EIT RIS is to widen participation in the EIT Innovation Communities’ activities by engaging players from countries that have lower participation in EIT innovation ecosystem.

EIT RawMaterials extends the geographical reach to foster innovation and entrepreneurship

The EIT RawMaterials activities address the objectives and key principles of the EIT RIS concept to provide access to activities and services of the Innovation Community to those who might not otherwise have this access. The activities raise the awareness of the RIS regions and countries towards EIT RawMaterials, but primarily will have a significant impact on these regions and countries itself by fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.

EIT RawMaterials aims at extending the geographical reach to those countries where it is not yet present by establishing fruitful partnerships and sharing of knowledge, best practices and innovative technologies with the respective ecosystems. Stakeholders can benefit from EIT RawMaterials activities connecting with five RIS Hubs:

as well as two Regional Innovation Centers:

For more information about the EIT RawMaterials RIS activities, please follow the link.