Innovative service for the measurement, processing, and interpretation of magnetic data

TERREMYS is a geophysical survey start-up based on the use of drones. The company sells a precise and low-cost service of airborne magnetic geophysical measurements by drones. In other words, they help understand the subsurface through magnetism.

In January 2018, TERREMYS was formed from a common vision of its founders regarding the potential of drones in airborne geophysical measurements. They build on their wide experience in data acquisition by UAVs and their proven field expertise from many projects.

Our innovation is based on the most efficient technical solutions to reduce project costs and bring a high level of quality to the data collected. We offer our surveying services to exploration companies (oil and gas, mining, geothermal).

Tristan Freville, CEO of Terremys

New perspectives for magnetic geophysical measurements using lightweight drones

Their lightweight UAV magnetic survey (L.U.M.S) technology allows multi-scale aeromagnetic surveys from 1 to 150 meters above ground using a measuring system weighing less than 500 grams. In conclusion, measurement becomes possible without a heavy and expensive active compensation system. In addition, no need to deport or pull magnetometers, and to use gradiometers less sensitive to sources at depth. Above all, their ability to compensate the magnetic effects of the drone is a benefit.

The start-up provides a technology that opens new perspectives for geophysical studies applied to the subsoil at depths both shallow and deep. Moreover, they deliver data that meet industry standards and are accurate to the nano-tesla range. They are developing their own fleet of ultralight, agile and efficient UAVs and a magnetic field vector magnetometer.

TERREMYS has joined the EIT RawMaterials Accelerator in March 2020. After successful graduation of the first phase, the team has been selected to participate in phase 2.

Following the mapping of incubators and tech transfer offices in our territory, we have established collaboration with SEMIA, one of the major incubators based in the Grand Est region in France. As a result, EIT RawMaterials has actively scouted Terremys to join our Accelerator. We have even proven success in connecting the start-up with our industrial partners  in order to foster fruitful collaboration.

Dr. Didier Zimmermann, Innovation Hub Central Director