Encourage entrepreneurial mindsets and skill sets in students

On this course, you’ll distinguish between different types of entrepreneurship, learn the value of entrepreneurial competences for individuals and society and align these with subject-specific learning in STEM.

You’ll come away able to embed entrepreneurial activities in your teaching through experiential learning techniques and challenge-based resources.

Recognise the value of entrepreneurship education

Educators are increasingly being encouraged to create curricula that are relevant in a changing world, while also improving student motivation and retention.

On this course, you’ll discover how entrepreneurial learning can create empowering educational environments that give students the opportunity to put ideas into action.

You’ll develop a shared definition of entrepreneurship, understand key entrepreneurial competences and discover new methods and approaches for teaching creativity and entrepreneurship in the classroom.

You’ll evaluate and celebrate success and reflect on opportunities for collaboration and learning beyond the classroom.

Explore entrepreneurship education alongside an expert

Learning from internationally recognised entrepreneurship expert Professor Dana Redford, you’ll emerge able to embed entrepreneurial learning activities, design lesson plans, and put your learning into practical educational action.

What topics will you cover?

  • What are Entrepreneurial Competences?
  • Entrepreneurial Mindsets: Overcoming the Fear of Failure
  • Entrepreneurial Skill Sets: Tools and Techniques
  • Entrepreneurial Teaching: Putting Learning into Action
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