Shared skills and best practices in PYROmetallurgy (SPYRO)

Currently, there is no academic training course to learn step by step how a pyrometallurgical facility works. In particular, it is difficult for new hires to understand how to build and operate a furnace in industrial conditions. Only companies with pyrometallurgical pilot facilities can offer new employees the opportunity to gain initial exposure. For this reason, the EIT RawMaterials funded education project SPYRO aims to bridge the gap between theory and the actual operation of industrial facilities.

SPYRO is an interactive training programme designed especially for new employees in the field of pyrometallurgical process management. This programme aims to develop e-learning and virtual reality modules to train new hires involved in pyrometallurgical process management in various technical capacities. Employees working in the field of high-temperature processes (researchers, engineers, technicians and PhDs) will benefit from an up-to-date digital front door to the “pyrometallurgical environment”.

Sharing of best practices and skills is at the heart of this educational project. The consortium brings together manufacturers, a materials processing institute and a research centre.

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