The SusCritMat winter school is open for PhD and Master students, as well as engineers from all countries, seeking a professional training in Critical Raw Materials.

The SusCritMat winter school will take place on 15-19 January 2018 in Les Diablerets, Switzerland, and will offer modules on the role of critical raw materials in the whole value chain, developed and taught by European experts in the field. It is focused on the bigger picture and the interconnected nature of global business and society, which is increasingly necessary for decision-making in industry.
The main case study of this winter school will be Neodymium magnets for electric cars, one of the top issues in today’s discussions on future needs and supply of
Critical Raw Materials (CRMs). The case study will help to develop and teach a holistic methodology of a sustainable management of CRMs. This includes, for example, Criticality Assessment, Life Cycle Analysis, Materials Flow Analysis.
Neodymium is the main component in Nd-Fe-B high-performance permanent magnets, which are the basis for high power density electric motors and generators. Energy conversion by these e-drives is essential in many emerging energy technologies and in e-mobility. Yet, Neodymium is considered a resource critical material, since its high economic importance comes with a significant supply risk, as production is highly concentrated in China. Permanent magnet materials are also predominantly produced in China.
Project work in small groups, supported by mentors, will enable attendees to conduct independent research on the various relevant questions in CRMs management.
  • Discuss with experts
  • Gain competences
  • Enlarge your professional network
  • Gain ECTS points

See the SusCritMat Winter School program here.

About the project on Sustainable Management of Critical Raw Materials (SusCritMat)