In Europe, the municipal solid wastes are treated by incineration process which generates millions of tons of fly ashes that are classified as “hazardous” and for this reason must be landfilled. COSMOS Fenix® is a new patented (*) treatment that makes the classification of these ashes as “product” (end of waste) possible and creates an effective alternative to landfill. Furthermore, the new powder can be used in polymers as filler and flammability tests have proved that COSMOS Fenix® is a tangible replacement of expensive Brominates and Antimony (Sb) few of them classified as toxic and/or carcinogenic for man and wildlife.
* technology has been developed by Università degli Studi of Brescia, CSMT and Contento Trade with support of two different LIFE+ projects. Patent is owned by company VELAWORKS s.r.o.

The need

From Waste Incinerations point of view: COSMOS Fenix® represents the opportunity to save money on the treatment of the hazardous ashes because of more convenient conditions: less money are needed for the inertization versus today’s stabilization and transport is less effective (in 2015 mostly of the European ashes were sent to north Germany).

From the plastic market point of view: mostly of flame retardant substances are mainly coming from China (i.e. over 80% of Antimony on the worldwide market is Chinese) that has a dominant position and controls prices trend by duty on export. In this situation, the European market is looking for better cost fillers with good performances.

In terms of quantities, the worldwide plastic market is estimated in 300 million tons/year which 70 in Europe, in particular, the polypropylene in Europe was 50 million ton/year and an average grown per year is estimated at 5,5%. Only in EU companies that have activity code for “compound for polymers” are 3100.

The solution

Treatment of hazardous fly ashes from incinerators to obtain a powerful filler for plastics.

Value proposition

During the developing of the project, COSMOS Fenix® few more applications of the new substance have been discovered apart from plastic: filler for rubber, filler for ceramic tiles and filler for building panels. All these different products/markets have in common the continuous research for quality, safety, and inexpensive materials and in the particular cases of rubber and building panels, a strong attention for flammability. Although all these different applications have been studied and tested in lab scale, deep study analysis is needed to approach the market through industrial scale vision.

Last but not least a big effort in communication must be done in the communities and incinerators to present COSMOS Fenix® as an innovative and economical solution to the problem of waste and fly ashes landfill.