SiQAl develops a unique technology to produce High Purity Alumina (HPA) and Silicon, two strategic raw materials in the LED, battery and solar sectors.

SiQAl implements a novel metallurgical process that is designed from the start to yield high-purity materials. For the first time, the process couples the production of HPA and Silicon to make it resource efficient, eco-friendly and highly profitable. The production sequence is readily scalable to provide the high-volume and stable quality the rapidly growing clean-tech sector requires. By producing raw materials with near-zero waste and low energy consumption, SiQAl contributes to a sustainable energy transition.

The need

Technological innovation, increasing volumes and lower costs are driving demand for efficient lightening (LED), high capacity batteries and solar cells. Accordingly, the demand for HPA and Silicon, two strategic raw materials needed for these applications, is expected to triple within the next seven years. It will then reach a market volume of 90 000 tons of HPA and 600 000 tons of Silicon worth a combined $10bn.

To support the deployment of these products on a global scale, the supply chain is now challenged to provide sustainable raw materials of stable quality and high volume, while at the same time providing a roadmap for further cost reductions.

The solution

Sustainable raw materials for tech applications

Value proposition

SiQAl’s high added value and near zero-waste process establishes a sustainable and environmentally benign metallurgy in Europe. This matches EIT RawMaterials efforts to establish resource-efficient, closed-loop and zero-waste processes in the raw material sector. SiQAl contributes to a structural and industrial transition by implementing production capacities in high-growth specialty materials for new tech applications.

As a clean-tech Start-Up in an environment dominated by large conglomerates, SiQAl’s agile approach proposes an innovative development path for new business cases. With its partners from across Europe, SiQAl integrates know-how from industry and research institutes to create value with a knowledge-based metallurgy. SiQAl leverages the innovative power of the EIT RawMateirals network and contributes to establishing a highly competitive technology in Europe.