ROSI SAS from Grenoble in France, offers complete solutions to recycle the most precious raw material in solar modules – highly pure PV-grade Silicon, either from “kerf”, an industrial waste generated during the solar wafer slicing process, or from the Silicon fine particles which are lost from PV-Silicon production process. ROSI valorizes the high-quality Silicon contained in the industrial waste in order to bring it back.

The need

In the past few years, diamond wire sawing has taken ground from SiC-based slurry sawing to become the dominant technology to produce Silicon wafers for PV industry, due to its potential to obtain wafers of higher quality at lower cost. However, the loss rate of PV-grade Silicon, which is the most expensive material in a PV module, stays at 40-50% from the wafer sawing process. For the 100GW installed PV modules worldwide in 2017, 200 000 tons of highly pure Silicon was lost as industrial waste, corresponding to a value loss of 3B$. This loss will be doubled in 2020 with the expansion of PV market.

All the PV producers based on Silicon technology worldwide are waiting for an industrially reliable solution to revalorize this most significant value loss in order to render the production of PV modules sustainable.

The solution

Recycling of Silicon from the PV industry

Value proposition

One of the most important focuses of EIT RawMaterials Community is on the raw materials, from exploration to process, from recycling to the circular economy. As the most important raw material for PV industry, PV-grade Silicon has been an important topic within the EIT RawMaterials Community. Various projects have been carried out on increasing its production efficiency, its exploration efficiency, and its recyclability, along with precious know-how obtained from the project conclusions. Several industrial partners are actively implied, such as Resitec, CEA, Grenoble-INP, ECM etc. With the innovative technologies developed by ROSI, as well as the market development carried out in parallel, the last brick to complete the PV-Si life cycle is ready to be placed in the PV production value chain. ROSI exchanges and works actively with several partners of the EIT RawMaterials Community in order to establish an efficient knowledge and exploration triangle.