Fairphone aims to create positive social and environmental impact from the beginning to the end of a phone’s life cycle.

The need

Consumer electronics are often viewed as semi-disposable objects, to be upgraded or discarded as soon as something better comes along. Fairphone is fighting against a market trend where the average phone is replaced every 18 months, creating a huge environmental impact. As technology advances rapidly, consumers are losing the ability to modify, repair, and truly understand how they can keep their devices longer.

The solution

The world’s first modular phone

Value proposition

Fairphone aim is to create positive social and environmental impact from the beginning to the end of a phone’s life cycle:

  • Long-Lasting Design: Fairphone designs products that last – in both their original design and in designing their repair to be as easy as possible. That’s why we made the world’s first modular phone built for repairability in mind. If an accident happens, just replace the screen and not the whole phone. We’re also working on making our software’s source code and development environment available for anyone to use, review and modify. This way, our core values of longevity, ownership and openness are designed directly into our smartphones.

  • Fair Materials: Fairphone is making a positive change in materials supply chains by developing a framework to better understand the issues, source more responsibly, increase our use of recycled materials and actively seek partners who can help us achieve these goals. One material at a time, we’re working to increase industry and consumer awareness and incorporate better resources into our phones.

  • Good Working Conditions: To make a lasting impact, we want to go beyond the traditional compliance model. Working together with a variety of production partners, labor rights experts, NGOs and researchers, we’re developing innovative programs to improve worker satisfaction and representation, and to open the lines of communication between workers and management. Furthermore, we are an active member of the Clean Electronics Production Network (CEPN). This is a multi-stakeholder initiative with the goal to move the electronics industry towards zero exposure of workers to toxic chemicals in the manufacturing process.

  • Reuse and Recycling: We sell spare parts and offer repair tutorials to help make your phone useful for as long as possible. Our take back program supports the reuse and recycling of your old phones, and we’re also researching the best way to recycle the Fairphone 2 by making it easier to dismantle. Finally, we’re working with partners to improve local collection efforts in countries struggling with electronic waste.