Extracthives skill set is there to meet the specific needs of the various stakeholders throughout the supply chain of non-ferrous metal production, from primary and secondary producers to processors and right through to the end users, and finally to the environmental services companies which are responsible for the remediation of legacy sites.

In the joined collaboration project they are working on a high-quality recycling-technology for fibre reinforced plastics. They will assure to keep these valuable materials with a growing market in the lightweight sector in the loop.

The need

Fibre Reinforced Plastics (FRPs) are commonly used in the aerospace, automotive, marine and construction industries. Their ubiquity is explained by the fact that they allow for weight savings, precision engineering, simplification of parts in both production and operation.

But compared to steel, CFRPs are still highly expensive and when it comes to recycling, there is currently no technology available that is able to treat a) composites with different types of resins, b) composites made of high-value carbon fibers and low-value glass fibers and c) composites and their accompanying material (e.g. other plastics, metal, wood).

The solution

High-quality recycling-technology for fibre reinforced plastics

Value proposition

Lightweighting is one of the key challenges EIT RawMaterials is facing and several partners are currently working on new materials and technologies for processing and recycling.
The collaboration project among Extracthive, Veolia and EIT RawMaterials will contribute reaching a fast feasibility study and proof on the concept of the promising recycling technology and might complement other ongoing projects and activities of EIT RawMaterials partners.