Eurotab is a family owned SME leader in the powder compaction domain, i.e. a technology enabling cold agglomeration of powders without any binders, contrarily to the other agglomeration technologies. As a fully integrated technological provider, the company acts as both a technology developer (product, process, equipment) and a manufacturer of solutions (equipment, finished products). Whereas initially in the Home and Laundry Care tableting business (washing dishes machines tablets), Eurotab has pushed its powder compaction technology beyond its original limits in 2013 through innovative approaches and equipment design to yield tableting of industrial minerals in applying high compaction pressures at high speed. This approach has been successfully carried over on compaction of raw material, with the design of a prototype compaction equipment. This prototype has been used to validate the equipment some of the technology choices as well as to confirm the technical and economic viability of such a process.

The need

European Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) steel industry is today and will be more so in the future confronted to environmental and profitability issues because of regulations evolution regarding waste disposal and its associated costs, raw material rarefaction and an increase of manufacturing and manpower costs. In this context, technologies that could provide sustainable solutions for valorizing those wastes and/or optimize the use of raw materials resources in a sustainable way will definitively be one of the levers to maintain the competitiveness of this industry, as well as to comply with the European Waste Legislation.

The solution

Binder-free compaction technology for EAF wastes

Value proposition

EIT RawMaterials aims at increasing raw materials efficiency along the whole value chain. The solution provided by Eurotab contributes to reducing EAF raw materials consumption as well as to increase the recycling rate in the steel industry. Key actors are engaged as partners if the EIT RawMaterials community, thus collaborations initiated.

EIT RawMaterials supports EuroTab to:

  • valorize three new secondary sources of raw materials using ladle slags, EAF dusts and TFD or mixes of those
  • 1 new KET (Key Enabling Technology)-related breakthrough technology: new binder-free waste compaction technique
  • 1 to 3 new/improved products with reduced content of toxic materials
  • 1 patent could be registered/commercialized at the end of project

Because of the actual or future regulation regarding landfill and waste disposal and the rarefaction of EAF steelmaking raw materials, EAF industry is or soon will be facing new costs that will jeopardize its sustainability via a degraded profitability. Thus, waste recycling has been and is still seen as an opportunity for this industry, to compensate these new sources of costs and restore competitiveness, even though attempts to do so in the past have not been able to overcome the hurdles caused by a non-optimal compaction technology as well as a non-stabilized composition of the agglomerated waste.