ColFeroX offers a solution to mitigate spreading of contaminations (especially toxic heavy metals such as Zn, Pb, Cu, As) in groundwater. An adsorptive in-situ barrier is created underground using Iron-oxide particles, which filters out the contaminations while allowing groundwater to flow through the barrier. ColFeroX offers a safe, fast, cost-effective, one-time application to remove contaminations from groundwater instead of current pump&treat method, which requires infrastructure, high costs, and continuous maintenance.

The need

According to Volksbank’s industry letter, the remediation of contaminated sites belongs to the waste management sector with a turnover of € 45.4 billion. The special area of contaminated site remediation has a market volume of € 955 million and is a segment with growth opportunities because more and more abandoned industrial sites are being reused as building land. Such areas are particularly interesting because the existing infrastructure can be used. In addition, some municipalities offer financial incentives for building projects on old industrial sites in order to preserve as many green spaces as possible. In 2015, 62.1 billion euros were spent in Germany on environmental protection, 12% of which was for the elimination of environmental damage, which also includes the treatment of contaminated sites.

According to an assessment by the European Commission, local soil and groundwater contamination in 2011 was estimated at 2.5 million potentially contaminated sites, of which more than 30% were contaminated by heavy metals, which makes them potential target sites for ColFeroX. Furthermore, the assessment reports than aromatic- and chlorinated hydrocarbons, PAHs and Cyanides also sum up to another 32%, all of them can be remediated using our iron oxide particles.

Our potential customers are, on the one hand, any contaminated land/groundwater owner who has the obligation or duty to remediate it; on the other hand, companies focused in a sector of industrial activity that comprehends water purification. These customers use a wide range of external technologies to bring a varied service portfolio and are interested in low-cost, effective solutions such as those ColFeroX offers.

The solution


Value proposition

Coal and metal mining usually produce heavy metal contaminations to soil and water. Cyanide contamination is also found close to gold mines. Gas plants, oil&gas petrochemical companies, and even small enterprises such as gas stations where contaminations could be accidentally released to water bodies are important customers to our technology.

ColFeroX offers solutions to mitigate risks of waste during mining and processing activities. The adsorbed contaminant can be re-used upon re-generating installed barrier and be recycled. The start-up’s aim is to collaborate with key players in these industries, find feasible solutions and improve the quality of life.