Cassantec prognosticates future malfunctions. Its advanced prognostic capabilities are based on stochastic process modeling and analysis provided through Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. The Cassantec Prognostic Report enables asset operators to understand when in the future a malfunction is likely to occur.

While the Cassantec Prognostic Report offers the same benefits as established products in the diagnostic segment, it provides superior value by including an explicit prognostic horizon and providing an explicit risk profile.

The need

Mining is increasingly demanding and takes place in increasingly challenging environments. Deposits are either farther away from infrastructure or even deeper and more inhospitable. In order to open up these, however, all efforts are aimed autonomous mining as far as possible. This, in turn, presupposes many requirements, which are only currently being addressed in the first steps.

Surveillance of machinery and equipment has already been or is being developed; however, a basic requirement for autonomous mining in remote areas or difficult conditions is the reliable predictability of failures, malfunctions, service times, etc. Concrete market demand asks for reducing unscheduled maintenance and/or repair, for shifting maintenance into low-cost or low-revenue periods, for pre-empting damages and reducing redundancies.

This actually refers to the complete underground mining market as well as these functions at the same time would also contribute to the whole opencast mining market.

The solution

Prognostics for Condition Based Maintenance

Value proposition

From the existing partners of EIT RawMaterials, as well as from the external SMEs and start-ups involved in projects or promotions, there are various efforts to create projects and proposals to create further prerequisites for mining under difficult conditions. None of it, nor any previous project or proposal, however, goes beyond acute state monitoring. As a result, Cassantec significantly extends the value chain covered by the EIT RawMaterials and its partners in the area of mining to the fourth dimension, and thus enables many other conceivable projects and innovations.