The need

To circumvent the use of critical and strategic materials (cobalt, graphite, lithium), BroadBit develops high-performance and low-cost batteries based on Earth-abundant materials (sodium batteries). The Company produces anodes, cathodes and electrolytes and sells functional batteries to third party white label manufacturers. BroadBit offers 2 types of products: High-Power battery for fast charging and High-Energy battery when high energy density is needed.

The solution

Batteries based on earth-abundant materials (sodium batteries)

Value proposition

Despite concerns regarding the availability of critical materials, such as cobalt, the battery market is expected to grow drastically in the near future. When looking for alternative to conventional lithium batteries, performance and cost are strong limiting factors. BroadBit answer this challenge by providing batteries with 1.5-times more energy density than comparable Li-ion batteries at 30%-lower cost. Such more sustainable solutions shall support the uptake and market growth of battery dependent products and thus enable the transition towards a greener economy.