Black Bear believes in infrastructure for a cleaner world. The start-up views the waste tire problem and the threat of climate change as opportunities to make meaningful change.

The need

Every year, more than 1.5 billion polluting end-of-life tires enter the global waste stream. Until now, there has been no sustainable solution. Black Bear upcycles end-of-life tires to produce sustainable Carbon Black, preventing CO2emissions and solving the global waste tire problem.

The solution

To solve the global waste tire problem

Value proposition

Almost every black-coloured object you see contains Carbon Black. The mobile phone case, the ink in your pen, the buttons on your keyboard and the tires on your car. Carbon Black is everywhere. Using a circular economy model, Black Bear upcycles end-of-life-tires into high quality, safe, easy to use and sustainable Carbon Black products. The start-up’s long-term goal is to upcycle all waste tires and thus reduce oil use, with CO2 emission reductions equivalent to planting more than 1 billion trees.