Sustainability starts with Europe’s resource potential

European technology companies, researchers, RTOs and start-ups gathered to discuss how to jointly transform the European exploration-mining-processing sector as a key enabler for a green and circular economy at Levi in October 2019 and in Leoben in January 2020. The Sustainable Discovery and Supply Lighthouse was officially launched in October in Levi, Finland and the event in Leoben, Austria was the first Expert Forum associated with the Lighthouse.

These two events were really successful networking events where people made new connections and had in-depth conversations on future collaborations. Each of our three Lighthouses has one Expert Forum per year that focusses on relevant strategic and innovative topics.

Patrick Nadoll, Senior Advisor Exploration and Mining at EIT RawMaterials

Digital transformation for a sustainable raw materials sector

Many of the presentations at the event in Levi, Finland, emphasized the importance of developing smart and sustainable solutions to reduce emissions, waste and water & energy consumption and the need to engage with local communities to gain a social license to operate. The invited speakers covered all strategic issues outlined in the Lighthouse Position Paper, including advanced exploration, resource efficiency, education, safe and sustainable mining with a social license to operate, and the digitalisation of the raw materials sector—the latter also provided the topic for the first Expert Forum on Digitalisation in the Raw Materials Sector which was held in collaboration with the Montanuniversität Leoben in January 2020 in Leoben.

In Leoben the focus was on the latest developments in digital solutions in exploration, mining and mineral processing. We want to find innovative solutions for securing and processing strategic mineral resources in a sustainable and safe way and with a social license to operate.

Patrick Nadoll, Senior Advisor Exploration and Mining at EIT RawMaterials

Furthermore, participants discussed how Europe’s existing strengths in industry, research, innovation and infrastructure can be used as a key to unlock the potential for a renewed minerals and metals sector and as a driver for domestic value chains.

For additional information about EIT RawMaterials and its position on digitalisation please contact:

Patrick Nadoll, Senior Advisor Exploration and Mining,

Lighthouse Expert Forum connected policymakers and stakeholders from industry, academia, research organisations and start-ups that are leaders in the digital transformation and experts actively researching, developing and employing digital solutions along the entire value chain.