Automated production facility will enable REIN4CED to supply unbreakable carbon frames to leading cycling brands starting late 2019

Four days before the Brussels ‘Grand Départ’ of the 2019 Tour de France, REIN4CED revolutionized the cycling industry. EIT RawMaterials supported start-up REIN4CED inaugurated its innovation-centric bicycle frame production facility in Leuven, Belgium. With this unique facility, REIN4CED is entering the final straight line of its mission to bring back carbon bicycle frame production to Europe.

Despite being the heart of cycling, all bicycles used in the Tour de France are crafted in Asia. The REIN4CED team which invented the unbreakable composite material gave a sneak peek into its automated bicycle frame production line that is currently being set up. From this line, REIN4CED will supply unbreakable frames to leading cycling brands starting late 2019. EU-based brands will also benefit from significant logistic advantages and increased supply chain flexibility and efficiency.

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Unbreakable frames made of the next carbon

REIN4CED has a lot to celebrate. The new production plant for innovative bicycle frames is a major milestone in the growth path of REIN4CED.

Already late 2019, our first unbreakable carbon frames will roll off the new production line. Key in this regard is the development of a new impact-resistant composite material. The disruptive material of REIN4CED eliminates the sudden and dramatic failure of carbon bicycle frames that put riders’ lives in danger. The new lightweight material combines carbon with fine steel fibers, offering cyclists maximum performance with enhanced safety and durability. Currently, REIN4CED is setting up series production of innovative carbon bicycle frames in its new facility in Belgium. REIN4CED is actively engaged in advanced discussions with multiple world-leading cycling brands that want to incorporate REIN4CED’s patented impact-resistant material in their portfolios.

Dave Luyckx, CPO at REIN4CED

Ramping up automated frame production in Belgium

The facility in Leuven will be equipped with state-of-the-art machines for automated production of bicycle frames made of the next carbon. REIN4CED will kick off production with an annual production capacity of up to 20,000 bicycle frames in 2020. Subsequently, the facility will be able to support increasing production volumes needed to respond to the growing demand for localized production in Europe. Today, race bicycles and mountain bikes are crafted manually in Asia. The innovation-centric production facility enables REIN4CED to bring composite bicycle frame production back to Belgium, the cycling country par excellence. Located centrally in Europe, and less than twenty kilometres away from Brussels international airport, the facility in Leuven enables REIN4CED to flexibly host bicycle industry delegates and ship frames internationally.

Michaël Callens, CEO at REIN4CED

Innovating composite materials

REIN4CED is a Belgium-based company that has extensive expertise in composite manufacturing and bicycle frame development. It has developed and patented a new fiber-strengthened composite material which is being brought to an industrial scale. In its new production facility, REIN4CED will manufacture impact-resistant and lightweight bicycle frames for brands wishing to offer their cyclists maximum performance with enhanced safety and durability.

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