EIT RawMaterials supported start-up Innan AB secures first customer

Innan AB has developed safety training programs simulating various types of accidents in mining and industrial environments using Virtual Reality (VR). By utilising VR, education training can be held in environments mimicking the real world, but without any risks for participants, equipment or environment.

The Innan service portfolio includes VR simulations in the mining environment for fire-extinguisher training, rescue chamber training, as well as high voltage sub-station training package. Furthermore, the start-up team offers customised VR and AR exercises.

The innovative solution developed by Innan is also cost efficient. Innan customers can purchase VR safety training and practice on the location, rather than spending time and money on safety education in other remote areas. The data and insights collected during the VR simulations help to build continuous knowledge base.

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The impact of network

As a member of the EIT RawMaterials Innovation Community, Innan AB had an excellent opportunity to create new contacts and build beneficial relationships. The EIT RawMaterials Booster funding secured the possibility for Innan AB to build a prototype for field-testing with a potential customer. The EIT RawMaterials support resulted in Innan AB fine-tuning the technology and a short route to market; from project end in June 2017 to contracted supplier in August 2017.

The EIT RawMaterials support was instrumental in securing substantial reference clients for Innan AB, including Aughinish Alumina and the RUSAL group. This partnership presented an excellent entering point to several markets, including mines, refining and aluminium production. Furthermore, this opportunity opens doors to the extended network, including partners, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Without the support from EIT RawMaterials, this development never would have happened. The value of financial help was great, but the combination of funding and access to the EIT RawMaterials network is crucial in the early process of developing an innovative business or product. 

Nicklas Jonsson, Founder of Innan AB

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