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MINETRAIN project offers advanced training for mining industry professionals

Lifelong learning in real mining conditions Practical training and learning over the mining value chain are among the key components of lifelong knowledge building of mining experts and recognised as a challenge in the development of sustainable mining sector. However, it’s not so easy to find meaningful training opportunities, with the possibility of hands-on experiences of the multiple activities taking place in an operating mine. Open education and research [...]

4 March, 2020|

Company Challenge fosters creative collaboration among the EIT RawMaterials Alumni

Bringing together RM Alumni to think outside of their specific subject area and develop a marketable product Twenty EIT RawMaterials Alumni travelled to Huelva, Spain for an intensive, two-day-long problem-solving event, whose aim was to come up with solutions that were not only technically sound and economically viable but also presented as a marketable product. […]

28 February, 2020|

REIN4CED start-up shifts automated production of carbon fiber bicycle frames to Europe

Establishment of a production line in Europe REIN4CED is a fast-growing Belgian start-up that has developed and patented a brand-new composite material and a completely new fully automated production process offering safe, durable and lightweight bicycle frames. […]

27 February, 2020|

Circularise start-up sets the industry standard for transparency

Achieving sustainability goals with the blockchain technology Based in the Netherlands, Circularise start-up entered a new market and launched Circularise PLASTICS with Domo Chemicals and Covestro, two major and globally operating plastics companies, for circularity in the plastics industry through the use of blockchain technology. […]

30 January, 2020|

Maximising water recovery in a copper smelter with the RED_SCOPE project

Recovery of Effluent Discharge for Sustainable Copper Processing in Europe EIT RawMaterials supported innovation project RED_SCOPE (Recovery of Effluent Discharge for Sustainable Copper Processing in Europe), led by Atlantic Copper, has developed a new process maximising water recovery in a copper smelter. […]

15 January, 2020|

Innovation project RoStar answers the challenges in fine milling trends

RoStar project has developed a prototype of an ultra-fine grinding mill that liberates more ores and consumes less energy The mill is a prototype of a new ultra-fine grinding mill for the liberation of high-value particles met in platinum-group metals containing ores, copper ores or other polymetallic ores with fine dissemination of mineral phases. […]

18 December, 2019|