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Successful implementation of the ZeroWaste Cluster, Network of Infrastructure (NoI) and expertise

Resource efficient processing The ZeroWaste Cluster, an innovation project funded by EIT RawMaterials, is a cooperation of eight different Networks of Infrastructures (NoIs). These networks contribute to foster innovation in the field of efficient resource processing and focus primarily on waste streams and/or complex low-grade ores. The ZeroWaste cluster also offers sustainability modelling services enabling its customers to take strategic decisions favouring the transition towards a circular economy. […]

31 July, 2018|

Purified Metal Company – worldwide recycling of contaminated steel scrap in a sustainable manner

Realising a patented and innovative idea for the recycling of (asbestos) contaminated steel scrap Purified Metal Company (PMC), a start-up supported by EIT RawMaterials, is the first company in the world to provide an environmentally-friendly and economically viable method to recycle contaminated steel scrap into a high-quality raw material for the steel industry: Purified Metal BlocksTM (PMBs).  […]

19 March, 2018|

Rockathon mining challenge

Onboard ore analysis for mining equipment – laser guidance helps miners ‘see’ through rock The Rockathon Mining Challenge, a co-creation and open innovation event, was organised by EIT RawMaterials partner, Sandvik and EIT RawMaterials Innovation Hub (CLC) Baltic Sea team. The Rockathon gathered technology and software development companies, as well as subject-matter experts, to collaborate intensively on an onboard analysis project. The challenge was to create and design a workable and compatible system for onboard ore analysis for mining equipment. […]

18 March, 2018|

ALINA – Substitution of critical and toxic materials for sustainable lifestyle

Eco-friendly organoclay for paints and coatings ALINA start-up uses innovative production technology to make state-of-the-art clay mineral materials that can replace the toxic chemicals and heavy metals normally used in building materials. […]

13 March, 2018|

Circularise start-up uses blockchain technology connecting the raw materials value chain, one product at a time

Circularise offers a web based product tracking system that can be applied in virtual and endless range of product value chains. In terms of raw materials and resources, using Blockchain will enable stakeholders in the value chain to get an oversight of the whereabouts of products and raw materials, to forecast the geographical buildup of deposits and to plan logistics and recycling activities for specific materials. […]

29 January, 2018|

RM@Schools: Wider Society Learning project in raw materials

The Raw MatTERS Ambassadors at Schools (RM@Schools), an active learning project, has achieved success and recognition by involving experts from EIT RawMaterials to engage students in experiments, and efforts to disseminate the results of those experiments. […]

24 October, 2017|