Start-ups Portfolio

EIT RawMaterials supports the following start-ups



New gold-tungsten alloys

The main objective of the project is the manufacturing process of new gold-tungsten alloys called SpinD Gold by Physical Vapor Deposition, both for coating and sintering. This technology avoids the use of Palladium, a rare metal, and Rhodium compared to conventional production of white-gold used for jewellery market.



Technological solutions for the high value metal recovery

Developed and patented a new metallurgical furnace concept heated by plasma for the treatment and recovery of by-products and industrial waste containing metals and their oxides, allowing the recovery and valorization of existing high-value metals.

ekolive s.r.o.


New ecological bio-leaching method for ecological release of elements and degradation of organic contamination

We solve environmental hazards and contaminated environment by heavy metals/organic pollution  we give second life to different industrial wastes and we replace dangerous mining and processing methods, we clean industrial minerals from metals by ecological and economical way.



Big data analytics

eMaintenance365 provides decision support services for operation and maintenance that create benefits for the customers business processes. Through sophisticated analysis of large amounts of data, the customer can plan maintenance operations of their facility to prevent disruption.




Silicon nanowire mass manufacturing

enwires develops unique silicon nanowired materials for battery electrodes. The start-up’s proprietary manufacturing process yields precisely calibrated silicon nanowire at an extremely competitive cost and is fully compatible with large-scale production.

ERZLABOR Advanced Solutions GmbH


Automated materials characterisation and complex resource analytics – ranging from ores to mobile phones

We are specialists in analyzing rocks, mineral resources and manufactured inorganic materials, helping you to increase the resource efficiency and sustainability of your processes and products. You benefit from our innovative analytical approach to advanced materials characterization, providing you with options for the reduction of raw materials losses and thus process-, energy- and production costs.


etersys GmbH


Wireless IIoT Sensor

We provide IIoT solutions based on small, ruggedized and wireless sensor platform with low power consumption, including our evaluation and processing of the data, for direct and real time measurements in hard to access processes and machines. The platform is specifically aimed at applications in the mining and heavy machinery sector, where available installation space is limited and wired connections unfeasible. By enabling the direct measurement of physical properties, we provide new insights and information for process optimization and automation.




Binder-free compaction technology for EAF wastes

Eurotab is a family owned SME leader in the powder compaction domain, i.e. a technology enabling cold agglomeration of powders without any binders, contrarily to the other agglomeration technologies. As a fully integrated technological provider, the company acts as both a technology developer (product, process, equipment) and a manufacturer of solutions (equipment, finished products).



High-quality recycling-technology for fibre reinforced plastics

Extracthive’s skill set is there to meet the specific needs of the various stakeholders throughout the supply chain of non-ferrous metal production, from primary and secondary producers to processors and right through to the end users, and finally to the environmental services companies which are responsible for the remediation of legacy sites.