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EIT RawMaterials supports the following start-ups

2D fab AB


2D fabs business idea is a unique process, to develop and produce 2D materials, primarily graphene and offer products and services containing 2D materials. 2D fab today is a development company with a small size production equipment. The vision is becoming a large scale manufacturing company. The start-up’s business is based on the research on the production of 2D materials in progress in several projects at Mid Sweden University (MIUN), but also based on published research from around the world. 2D fabs most important asset is the great knowledge (intellectual property) in the field, which has been established through the close cooperation with the academic world.Graphene is widely expected to get an explosive growth in the next decade. 2D fab aims to become the largest manufacturer of graphene in Europe.

The solution

To offer products and services containing 2D materials,primarily graphene




3AWater offers a portable device for on-site measurements of metals in waters. Our technology gives the mining industry real-time information on the metal levels in their process and wastewaters and enables them to react to any anomalies in a fraction of time that is possible at the moment. Features such as ease of use, simultaneous multimetal analysis, broad measurement range and affordability (≤ 50 € per measurement) make the technology unique against competitors.

The solution

On-site and real-time multimetal analyzer of water



Ajelis develops sorbent systems that can selectively capture metals in hydrometallurgical processes. The company has developed expertise in strategic metals, particularly rare-earth elements as well as lithium separation from magnesium or other bivalent pollutants. Their solution consists in a filtration-column system, loaded with proprietary extractive fibres, that can directly replace current ion-exchange resins (printer/printer cartridge business model).

The solution

Selective sorbents for enrichment and extraction of strategic metals




Alina aims at substituting rare and toxic heavy metals used as biocides in paints and building materials by developing an innovative production technology for eco-friendly organoclay material. The clay structure is modified to be encapsulated into the structure of clay minerals.

The solution

Production technology of eco-friendly nano-clay materials for paints and coatings



Appsen aims to develop and manufacture two types of sulfide & metal ion sensors:

  • laboratory sensors: specialized spectrophotometric sensors to detect sulfur ions (such as sulfide and thiosulfate) and metal ions in liquid samples
  • industrial sensors: inline, real-time and remotely operated sensors to measure and monitor the content of sulfur and metal ions in liquid- /wastewater processes

Both product groups are based on the same technology, production techniques and automation software.

The solution

Advanced sensor technology for real-time detection and precise measuring of sulfur and metal ions in fluids




Binee is an ad-sponsored e-waste collection system.
By motivating users to bring back old electronic devices it aims at increasing the collection rate and create transparency along the secondary value chain.

The solution

An ad-sponsored collection system for WEEE




Biokemik initiative will convert renewable resources into competitive Butadiene monomer and high-value intermediates. It will offer “Environmentally Friendly Chemicals” (1,3 Butadiene, Acetoine, 2,3 Butanediol, Methyl-Ethyl Ketone) from non-alimentary renewable resources (biomass), for Rubber, Elastomers, Plastics and Fine Chemicals, with low Carbon Footprint, in multiple applications. The main differential feature is that the Chemicals are obtained from cheap and abundant renewable sources, as compared to the fossil origin from 100% of the world’s synthetic monomer. The proprietary microorganisms involved are key aspects from the technological and economical perspectives.

The solution

Production of “Environmentally Friendly Chemicals” from biomass, including 1,3 Butadiene for rubber production


Biota Tec


Biota Tec is an SME developing and licensing novel more energy-efficient bioleaching technologies for different ores and type of waste.

Like greedy barons, we are currently looking for other raw materials suitable for our tiny miners’ army. R&D is going on with amending the technology for e-waste, oil shale, red mud and for old lubricating oils.
Preliminary tests show that our different biotreatment approaches are suitable for maximum valorization in an environmentally-safe way of:
WEEE (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment; often called as e-waste and the plastic stream of the given waste)
– black shales & oil shales
phosphate rocks
– dolomite fine fraction waste
– other metals/organics containing secondary waste and ores.

The solution

Energy-efficient bioleaching technologies for different ores and type of waste

Black Bear


Black Bear believes in infrastructure for a cleaner world. The start-up views the waste tire problem and the threat of climate change as opportunities to make meaningful change.

The solution

To solve the global waste tire problem