EIT RawMaterials supported start-up, REIN4CED, has been selected as one of 12 nominees for the Start Up challenge of the World Materials Forum 2018.

On 27-29 June, REIN4CED will pitch and exhibit at the World Materials Forum 2018 in Nancy, France where the winner of the Start Up challenge will be revealed.

The nomination confirms REIN4CED composite material innovation in developing lightweight and high-impact resistant bicycle frames that are sustainable and materials that increase frame lifetime.

World Materials Forum provides a unique opportunity for leading politicians, academics and industrialists worldwide to meet and exchange their vision and experience related to materials efficiency. The 2018 edition focuses on innovative and impactful solutions that use less material in a smarter way to provide lasting solutions.

Innovating composite materials

REIN4CED start-up manufactures impact-resistant and lightweight bicycle frames for bicycle brands wishing to offer their cyclists maximum performance with enhanced safety and durability.

REIN4CED has developed and patented its new high-impact resistant composite material, and the team is working to bring its automated patented production method to an industrial scale through an in-house pilot production plant which will be operational mid-2019. REIN4CED developed a fiber-strengthened composite material based on an intelligent combination of carbon fiber and steel fibers. The end result is bicycles with the key performance properties of carbon fibers (lightweight and high stiffness) and steel fibers (high impact resistance and high stiffness).

The bicycle market is a stepping stone for introducing new material and production processes in other markets. At a later stage REIN4CED targets automotive and aerospace markets, operating as a technology provider through co-development and licensing.

Learn more about the REIN4CED here.