Six exciting RawMaterials University Days will take place to educate high school and university students about the opportunities of our sector!

The locations for the RawMaterials University Days 2019 have now been confirmed! Each EIT RawMaterials Innovation Hub CLC will host the 2019 edition of the RawMaterials University Day together with the partners of our Innovation Community. We welcome all high school and university students to join the events and learn about the importance of minerals, metals and raw materials for modern life and the green energy transition of Europe. Education programmes and future career opportunities will be presented!

RawMaterials University Day in Uppsala, Sweden

Hosted by the Department of Earth Sciences at Uppsala University, Sweden

19 June 2019 | Focus on Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD students

RawMaterials University Day (RMUD) will form the final day of the International Geosciences Student Conference (IGSC), a student-led and student-organised event, including keynote speakers, student posters and oral presentations, a panel discussion on ‘Responsibly securing natural resources’ and a farewell party.

IGSC is an excellent opportunity to build leadership skills, network with peers and sponsors, and make a difference in the community – a platform where students from various Earth Science backgrounds come together to exchange ideas, present their research and enhance knowledge.

During the five days of the conference, participants will get a chance to listen and/or to present their own research in the form of oral or poster presentation. Additionally, IGSC attendees will participate in workshops led by industry leaders where they can gain practical skills and hands-on experience in trending geoscience topics. Keynote talks from academia and industry will provide interesting insights from their work.

Check out the website for more information and submit your abstract! Registration closes 30 April 2019.

There will be three free places up for grabs for the EIT RawMaterials Alumni members. Stay tuned for more information on how to apply!

RawMaterials University Day in Espoo, Finland

Hosted by the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Aalto University, Finland

2 October 2019 | Focus on high school and Bachelor’s students

The RMUD will form part of the EIT Festival organised in Otaniemi, Espoo, Finland as one of the official side events of Finland’s EU Presidency, where EIT RawMaterials, EIT Digital, and EIT Food will all be present. The event will take place in multiple locations across Aalto University’s Otaniemi campus. The main theme of the event is Circular Economy as well as Substitution and Recycling.

Planned activities include:

  • Science Expo & Lab Tours
  • Materials Matter Art & Science Exhibition displayed at the Finnish EU Presidency at Finlandia Hall. The exhibit is accessible to the public and attractive to students of all ages.
  • Interactive activities with Aalto Junior, introducing and testing some experimental tools developed via the EIT RawMaterials Education Project RM@Schools
  • Novel discoveries – info stands and lab tours aimed at the general public describing: fundamental science, structured and light-weight materials, textiles, biocomposites, food applications, energy harvesting, nanophotonics, and optoelectronics
  • Pitch talks, posters & meet-and-greet the researchers
  • 1-hour Lab Workshops for high school students at four different locations – hands-on experiences including the Functional Materials: ChemArt lab, process control towards further automation at the Aalto Industrial Internet Campus (AIIC), and process design for the Circular Economy at the Aalto Junior Lab

RawMaterials University Day in Lisbon, Portugal

Hosted by the Material Science Department at FCT NOVA, (Faculty of Sciences and Technology of New University of Lisbon), Portugal

23 October 2019 | Focus on high school and Bachelor’s students

Activities will include a campus tour, conferences from companies, senior researchers and PhD students, a careers fair and exhibition including companies and regional authorities, hands-on demonstrations, lab visits and more!

RawMaterials University Day in Bologna, Italy

Hosted by the Department of Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences, University of Bologna, Italy

25 October 2019 | Focus on high school and Bachelor’s students

The RMUD will take inspiration from the new MSc RAMES, which will educate geologists and engineers in developing a thorough knowledge of the raw materials value chain, including primary and secondary raw materials, material flow analysis, key circular economy processes, and entrepreneurial skills.

The morning of the event is dedicated to inspirational keynote talks on research, innovation and careers in the raw materials sector. In the afternoon the participants will have the opportunity to meet successful local companies such as Bio-on, TCA, SpacEarth Technology, learn more about ongoing research projects and carry out hands-on experience with minerals.

Moreover, the participants will have free access to Anthropocene, an art project investigating the indelible human footprint on Earth due to exploration, extraction and terraforming documented through photography, film, augmented reality and scientific research

RawMaterials University Day in Liège, Belgium

Hosted by University of Liège, Belgium

29 October 2019 | Focus on high school students

At Liège RMUD students will learn about the studies they could pursue in the field of raw materials with a special focus on geology and geological engineering (resources & recycling) and about future career opportunities. High school students will interact with professors, researchers, professionals from the industry, current students and alumni.

Activities will include:

  • Games and experiments where students will be able to handle the rocks, use the microscopes, software, virtual reality (VR) headsets and other available equipment including their own smartphone to play games and learn more about mineral resources
  • Site visits will be organised to Heidelberger Lixhe, Imerys minéraux Belgique Lixhe, Intradel Waste Disposal Site Hallembaye, Renewi, Waste Processing and Recycling, Centre for Research in Metallurgy/University of Liège (Reverse Metallurgy labs and Revatech, Industrial Waste Processing. Different experiments will be organised on-site (geophysical exploration, drones, hyperspectral core-logging) to illustrate the link with digitization and Industry 4.0
  • Lab visits to show ongoing European research projects and synergies with other disciplines (chemistry, material sciences, biology)
  • Companies participating in the event will have stands to showcase their core business in relation to the global raw materials value chain
  • Round-table will be organized at the end of the day to discuss the link between raw materials and the green energy transition (sustainable sourcing, efficient processing, need for collection and optimal recycling for batteries, e-vehicles)
  • Geocaching

RawMaterials University Day in Freiberg, Germany

Hosted by TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany

28 November 2019 | Focus on high school students

Students will have a chance to choose which activities they would like to participate in, giving them a perspective and a challenge to pursue a career in the raw materials sector. The main theme is: without mineral resources, most of the products we buy will not be available and modern life would not be possible.

There will be an opportunity to learn about: 

  • Future requirements for raw materials professionals
  • Digitalization and automation of the raw materials industry
  • E-mobility
  • VR/AR
  • Megatrends in the industry

Following a short opening presentation on the vast diversity of mineral use in everyday life, students can choose between three different excursions that will provide a journey through the rich history of Freiberg exploring how raw materials contributed to the progress of the city:

  • Site visit: Terra Mineralia (one of the biggest mineral collections in the world with over 3.500 minerals, gemstones and meteorites from five continents presented in the historical setting of the Freudenstein castle)
  • Site visit: Reiche Zeche, historic silver mine with a guided tour
  • Site visit: Virtual Reality (VR) and Advanced Robotics, X-SITE – 50 Mega Pixel VR-CAVE

Following this, they will return to the TUBAF Faculty for interactive sessions to learn about:

  • The history, heritage and challenges humanity will face trying to meet the raw material needs of the future
  • The innovations and megatrends of the raw materials economy
  • Exciting challenges to tackle in the industry
  • What to expect when deciding to pursue a career in this field

Stay tuned for registration information for your preferred RawMaterials University Day!