/RawMaterials Summit 2021 IN FOCUS

RawMaterials Summit 2021 IN FOCUS

The global innovation and technology conference in the raw materials sector

By 2050 the demand for critical raw materials will multiply

Mineral resources are the lifeblood of our modern society and the key to a more sustainable future. Today, we are in the middle of disruptive innovation in emerging green energy, e-mobility and clean technology, which has been triggered bypressing societal challenges. The growing need for carbon-neutral technology creates a strong demand for minerals, metals and advanced materials.

The estimated demand for critical raw materials vital for a green and digital transition in Europe will dramatically multiply in the coming years. For electric vehicle batteries and energy storage, the EU would need almost 60 times more lithium and 15 times more cobalt in 2050, compared to the current supply to the whole EU economy. Moreover, the demand for rare earths used in permanent magnets powering electric vehicles, digital technologies and wind generators, could increase tenfold by 2050.

To face the challenge of increasing demand for raw materials combined with high import dependency, Europe has to take responsibility and address strategic issues such as criticality, global supply, resource and energy efficiency, economic development and the transition to a circular economy. Sustainable supply of raw materials is a strategic security question for Europe to deliver the ambitious goals outlined in the EU Green Deal.

How do we approach this challenge? What is the European Commission’s take on the situation? Which innovations will ensure raw materials are a strength for Europe? Join the RawMaterials Summit 2021 where we will address all the pressing raw materials challenges for Europe!

RawMaterials Summit 2021 will gather Europe’s foremost industry leaders, entrepreneurs, policymakers and academics from across the raw materials value chain to showcase raw materials innovation enabling the EU Green Deal goal for a carbon-neutral future.

The EU’s recent update to its industrial strategy confirmed that raw materials remain a key strategic area for Europe’s growth. This year, the participants will hear how the European Raw Materials Alliance (ERMA), managed by EIT RawMaterials, is working towards securing raw materials supply for a more resilient and greener Europe. ERMA is one of the four EU industry alliances established to secure Europe’s strategic autonomy and deliver on the EU Green Deal goals.

On the path to Europe’s green and digital transition, scaling up the circular economy will be vital to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. The RawMaterials Summit 2021 will broadcast live discussions on the latest trends in circular economy – technology, policy and regulation innovation to enable thriving circular ecosystems. Join us!

The RawMaterials Summit is the flagship event organised by EIT RawMaterials, world’s largest consortium developing raw materials into a major strength for Europe. EIT RawMaterials ambition is to secure sustainable raw materials supply by driving innovation, education and entrepreneurship along the value chain.

Programme of the RawMaterials Summit 2021 IN FOCUS


Big challenges need big ideas! Innovation, education, entrepreneurship: for the minerals, metals and advanced materials sector to facilitate the coming green and digital transformations, we must harness the power of these across the whole raw materials value chain.


Big ideas need innovators! For the raw materials sector of tomorrow to take shape, we need to equip the students and professionals of today with new skills. How can we ensure that we are educating future changemakers with the skills needed to innovate and become the next generation of entrepreneurial champions who will help solve our greatest societal challenges? Join the discussion and get inspired by the innovation journeys of leading EIT RawMaterials start-ups and scale-ups.


Innovators need allies! The European Raw Materials Alliance (ERMA) was established in 2020 to secure access to critical and strategic raw materials, advanced materials, and processing know-how for EU industrial ecosystems. Find out from top policymakers and industry executives how ERMA is tackling the challenge and what’s in the investment pipeline of our Alliance.


Going full circle – together! Creating a Circular Economy is vital to the success of the EU Green Deal. However, to make it happen, a successful interplay between policy, regulation, process innovation and new business approaches is key. Hear from leading raw materials experts, industrialists and trend-setters on Europe’s road to a truly green and circular economy.

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