Powering sustainable raw materials design, sourcing, processing and recycling for Batteries

EIT RawMaterials called innovators from across Europe to share their ideas on how to radically change raw materials sourcing, processing and design for energy storage in electric mobility. In the Raw Materials Battery Challenge, solutions in the following themes were expected:

  • Responsible sourcing of battery raw materials, including exploration, mining and extraction
  • Processing and recycling of precursors, active materials, cathode and anode materials
  • Substitution of critical, toxic, low-performance materials: advanced materials for batteries

The selected idea holders were invited to Berlin to join the Raw Materials Summit 2019 that gathered over 400 stakeholders to discuss the latest on Innovation and new Technologies covering the entire raw materials value chain.

On 21 May 2019, the raw materials community celebrated the winners of the Raw Materials Battery Challenge!

Congratulations to the winning teams! You charged the Battery Challenge±

The First Prize goes to the BETTERY S.r.l.!

The start-up is changing the paradigm with the green, long-lasting & fast recharge liquid Batteries.

BETTERY is an Italian start-up that develops green liquid Battery solution called NESSOX. It has very high energy density and allows fast recharge by just substituting the liquid, similar in time to refilling a tank with gasoline.

NESSOX is a revolutionary flow lithium/oxygen Battery, free of heavy metals, as well as critical materials such as cobalt. The innovative solution by BETTERY addresses the needs not yet fulfilled in the field of e-mobility and renewable energy storage/distribution. 

NESSOX will boost the mass-marketing of electric vehicles (EVs), enabling at least 2-times longer driving a range of today’s EVs and alleviating the recharge anxiety thanks to the fast ‘refuelling’ concept. NESSOX is a patented (WO2017021840A1), a green Battery that fully addresses the challenges of the Circular Economy.

The Second Prize Winner is BATREMAN!

The team has developed a novel solution contributing to the eco-design of Batteries!

BATREMAN start-up based in Germany proposes an original design for the Circular Economy by remanufacturing of Lithium-ion Batteries. The solution includes software for interpreting the data given by the Battery management system, to decide for the best recovery strategy, from disassembling the Battery pack to reconditioning, testing until reassembly. 

With BATREMAN the high disposal cost for Batteries can be avoided and also the remanufactured Batteries can be offered cheaper than original parts. The less critical raw material is wasted by directly reusing functioning components via remanufacturing.