The project has two main objectives: generating technology-based business opportunities (TBBO) between the European Union and Latin America; and creating and consolidating a sustainable network of R&I actors who facilitate the creation of these opportunities, even beyond the project lifetime.

The solution (technology)

The project will contribute to the internationalisation of the activities of EIT RawMaterials in Latin America leveraging the ongoing European project ELAN Network and developing a specific raw materials perspective.¬†TREE targets the creation of synergies and networks to promote and foster business opportunities for European actors in the raw materials sector. As a result of TREE activities, the European Union’s economic presence in Latin America will be increased and diversified. European SMEs will have the opportunity to work on applied research and technology transfer, thus gaining access to the Latin American market. In order to achieve these goals, TREE will provide comprehensive information services to participant European SMEs on how-to-do business in specific Latin American countries for European SMEs interested in entering the Latin American market and facilitating advocacy for EU business; and establish an institutional network of European and Latin American research centres for the exchange of knowledge and technology transfer.