Project duration: 7 January 2019 – 30 December 2021


The RAMES MSc will educate geologists and engineers in developing a thorough knowledge of the raw materials value chain and its multifaceted ramifications. This entails primary and secondary raw materials, material flow analysis, key circular economy processes, and entrepreneurial skills. RAMES represents an attempt to fertilize an MSc in ore geology with disciplines of the EIT RawMaterials initiative, which will consolidate the EIT RawMaterials portfolio in EIT-labelled activities.

The solution (technology):

Today, there is a distinct separation between the ways primary and secondary raw materials (RM) are studied in academia and exploited by the industry. This generates a strong silo mentality in approaching the concepts of RM supply and circular economy, which hampers effective cooperation between complementary research areas and effective strategies for a circular economy. To face this challenge, education systems should develop an integrated system approach to the study of all aspects of the circular economy. This would generate a broad knowledge on the formation of primary and secondary RMs, what their fundamental physical-chemical properties are, how they are explored, how they can be sustainably exploited, used, and recycled, and on where business opportunities are emerging.

This 2 year, 120 ECTS MSc programme (RAMES) is designed as a blend between an MSc curriculum in Resource Geology and an MSc curriculum in Industrial Ecology including the concepts of sustainable exploitation and material sciences. It also includes concepts of economics and the business of RMs, having the objective of fostering an entrepreneurial spirit and bridging the gap between academia and industry. By enrolling in this MSc programme, students will learn how to operate throughout the RM value chain, as well as to comprehend and be involved in the elements of a circular economy.


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