Project duration: 1 January 2016 – 31 December 2018


PyroFlex unites partners with strong expertise, unique equipment and infrastructure in high-temperature extractive metallurgy that can deal with complex low-grade residues, allowing the recovery/removal of valuable elements present in low concentrations, as well as to produce a clean slag by hot stage engineering and controlled solidification for subsequent valorisation. PyroFlex has an overall aim to stimulate cooperation and development in pyrometallurgical processes and to decrease the barriers to pursue innovation in high-temperature residue treatment. The network provides easier access to a broad range of pyrometallurgical and related infrastructure (for partners in the network), which are typically expensive and requires specific expertise to be properly operated, and offers comprehensive services to outside clients.

The solution (technology)

The PyroFlex Network is part of a more holistic ZeroWaste umbrella network targeting the extraction of valuables from low grade, complex wastes and ores while upcycling the residues to added value products. PyroFlex aims to reach these objectives by building a network of pyrometallurgical expertise and infrastructure, primarily for lab scale equipment, providing proof of concept, complemented with thermodynamic calculations and process models. For this reason, a system to simplify cooperation within the network, and provide services to outside customers will be developed and installed. To strengthen and expand the network, the detection of common project opportunities for KCA and KAVA will be pursued. The target customers of the network are large industries, SMEs and organisations active in extractive metallurgy, as residue producer, processer or both.


For more information, please visit the PyroFlex project website.