Project duration: 1 January 2016 – 31 December 2018


MiRacle provides industry access to innovative and breakthrough technologies in the following markets: HW-ICT, through flexible and wearable electronic and optoelectronic devices; Mobility and Machinery & Equipment, through better thermal-dissipative and/or light-weighting components; Energy Supply, through more efficient and innovative fuel cells, solar cells, PEM Electrolysers, Metal-Air batteries. MiRaCLE consortium develops new processes and materials for the substitution of metals and conventional fossil-based materials, obtained from non-renewable sources, by carbon- and bio-based innovative materials, obtained from renewable sources.

The solution (technology)

Through the micro-nano fabrication approach, MiRaCLE can offer to NoI users advanced services such as: structural and functional characterization of innovative materials; support (experimentation and testing) for the identification of suitable nanostructured material for target applications like:

  • anode in ion-intercalation batteries, PEMFC, automotive/aeronautic components (including tyres);
  • flexible and transparent optical elements; iii) components for filtration equipment.