Project duration: 01 January 2018 – 31 December 2019


EIT RawMaterials offers companies solutions to their risks with Critical Raw Materials (CRMs) in their products, however, many companies are not aware of any risks. They are interested in Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs), but these are laborious or expensive. Innomat offers with a course for companies an affordable insight in LCA’s and CRM-risks, and methods on how to be more resource resilient. Many methods are from the KIC-RM community, which makes this KAVA a contribution to build-up the KIC-RM community. See full details on the INNOMAT course.

The solution (technology)

Performing an LCA for products or processes gives a company valuable information on its environmental footprint. An LCA could also help to map the risks of Critical Raw Materials (CRMs) for the company’s operation. However, the existing LCA-method is complex, laborious, not focussed on business solutions, not integrated in operational excellence management tools aiming at innovation, and does not give any overview of risks CRM’s can have for operations. This KAVA offers two sets of training material:

  1. Innovative LCA/CRM teaching material that makes LCA benchmarking and CRM analyses more accessible to SMEs, and easier to use. There will be a focus on recycling and renewable resources, and attention will be drawn to the risk of CRMs in products.
  2. Teaching material for Product & Business Innovation (i.e. eco-efficient value creation of innovative products and services, and how to apply the results of LCA/CRM in the circular economy).

The course is aimed at designers, engineers and business managers.


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