BloW-uP RIS project intends to transfer the EIT RawMaterials NoI model to ESEE countries, supporting the de-siloing and development of new applications for a better waste and raw materials management. The scope is to create the basis for helping (local) companies and entrepreneurs together with Academia and Research (the knowledge triangle) in the development of new solutions/products/processes based on waste derived secondary raw materials. Blow-uP is also an outreach of FREECATS NoI and will exploit its asset and expertise widening the impact to new products and markets.

The solution (technology)

Nanomaterials possess a great potential or have already found applications in several KETs and commercial product and found a large number of applications in different fields. BloW-UP solutions: Additives for lubricants made from mining sludges already reached TRL3. In BloW-uP TRL will be increased up to 5-6 at least. Carbon based materials for FCs/Electrolyzers and Metal-Air batteries are expensive while starting from secondary raw materials derived from wastes would reduce the cost.

Other applications (to be assessed) include:

  • iron oxides utilized in air pollution abatement, wastewater treatment, in syngas and hydrogen production;
  • carbon-based materials as adsorption materials for waste water treatment, and support materials for catalysts.


Learn more about the BloW-uP project on blowupris.istm.cnr.it