Project duration: 1 January 2017 – 31 December 2019


The Advanced Materials Innovative Recycling (AMIR) Master Programme focuses on the raw material value chain, with particularemphasis on recycling.

The two main objectives are:

  • Educate students to become highly skilled European professionals with expertise in various types of materials. This expertise will enable them to develop, at a large and ambitious scale, new methods for material recycling. In addition, the AMIR program includes classes on transferable skills such as innovation, ethics, intellectual property, life cycle assessment, sustainability and advanced research strategies.
  • Develop a deep entrepreneurship mindset with the help and expertise of associated businesses, incubators and innovation services as well as a large panel of industries.

The solution (technology)

This program will contribute to the Raw Materials Initiative to set out actions to improve the enforcement of EU rules on how waste may be traded. Interdisciplinarity around materials science is today needed to be able to propose the industrial alternatives for materials recycling. The 2010 report from the CEFIC European Chemistry Industry Council emphasizes multidisciplinarity and a broad skillset as the main competencies to be further developed in higher education curricula in the chemistry field. The new routes for an efficient materials recycling will be developed by the engineers/researchers of tomorrow with a consolidated ethic, a solid knowledge at the crossroad between the academic and the applied materials science disciplines as well as a solid entrepreneurship mindset.


If you have any questions regarding the AMIR Master Programme, please contact:

You can find more information and apply on the official AMIR website.