Project duration: 1 January 2019 – 31 December 2021


ADMA 2-proposal intensifies collaboration and information sharing between academia and industry. The financial support and the organization of practical training periods of PhD-students into companies located in different parts of Europe, will foster new research capacities that can rapidly be transferred into the advantage of business life. On the other hand, the business produces new demands and research topics; therefore symbiosis-kind relationships are formed between the two cooperating parties. As an overall effect of the interaction, new generation of products and production processes are stimulated, where harmful materials are substituted and/or the production processes systematically improved e.g. according to the principles of quality philosophies, e.g. Six sigma-Lean, Green Chemistry and Engineering. This leads to circumstances where less waste (e.g. over-processing, waiting, transferring, storing) is generated in industries.

The solution (technology)

Products are designed for quality and their recyclability considered already in the product development phase of their lifecycle. All these actions strengthen also doctoral students’ possibilities in career development in many ways. Students can apply research skills in practice before graduation, establish new collaborative networks, gain new ideas and aspects to their doctoral thesis, achieve good experience that can guide their career towards the raw materials sector. After graduation, students bring their experience and knowledge for the advantage of their new employer organisation, which in the end, is expected to benefit the whole raw materials society.


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