From 30 November to 11 December, the online short course on Physical Characterisation of the subsurface will take place as part of the I-EDDA Research School.

The objective of the course is to train participants within the subject of physical characterisation of the subsurface for mining and mineral exploration. The focus is to learn about in-situ stress measurements and analyses.

Participants will receive training in traditional stress measurement methods within mining (hydraulic injection stress measurement and overcoring methods), but also non-traditional methods that become interesting as the depth of mining increases (stress-induced wellbore failure methods). Participants will also learn about other methods on how to constrain the physical properties of the subsurface in laboratory and through borehole logging. The final part of the course regards how point-wise measurements that are obtained from various methods can be made to sample the continuum volume of interest and be up-scaled to the rock-engineering problem. Measurement uncertainty is also addressed within this context, as well as discussion on further use of acquired data within numerical analyses.

PhD students affiliated with EIT RawMaterials organisations are prioritised but applications are welcomed from other academic institutions and industry.

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