Deadline 4 September 2020: Public consultation on the new EU Digital Education Action Plan

Europe’s digital transformation continues to accelerate through the development of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing. It is essential to adequately prepare citizens for an increasingly interconnected, globalised future by investing in the skills and competencies required to thrive and positively engage in society in the digital age.

1 September, 2020|

Call for applications: EnAct-SDGs Summer School

EnAct-SDGs 1st Summer School is a three days hands-on webinar on Innovation & Entrepreneurship for the Raw Materials industry. The programme is driven by the UN Sustainable Development Goals and circular economy principles. Students will tackle on challenges proposed by the industry to generate business ideas and improve existing solutions; they will acquire new skills, learn to use novel tools and develop a mindset that will help to build up their careers as innovation professionals.

25 August, 2020|