1. Request for Proposal (RfP):

EIT RawMaterials invites you to respond to this Request for Proposal (RfP) “Partner Survey”. We are looking for a vendor to conduct a Satisfaction and Engagement Survey and analyse its results.

The goal of the survey is to assess the engagement satisfaction and overall experience of partners within the association to improve the EIT RawMaterials services and to meet the partner’s needs and expectations.


2. Introduction to EIT RawMaterials:

Europe is home to world leaders in manufacturing, game-changing innovative technologies, and an entrepreneurial infrastructure that can boost the transition to a resource-efficient and sustainable society. A sustainable supply of raw materials is vital for both this transition and Europe’s industrial activity.

EIT RawMaterials, initiated and funded by the EIT (European Institute of Innovation and Technology), a body of the European Union, is the largest and strongest consortium in the raw materials sector worldwide. Its mission is to develop raw materials into a major strength for Europe by boosting competitiveness, growth and attractiveness of the European raw materials sector via radical innovation, new education approaches and guided entrepreneurship.

EIT RawMaterials unites approximately 300 partners – academic and research institutions as well as businesses – from more than 20 EU countries. Together we collaborate on finding new, innovative solutions to secure the supply of raw materials and improve the sector all along the value chain – from extraction to processing, from recycling to reuse.

The vision of EIT RawMaterials: Developing raw materials into a major strength for Europe’ will be realised by integrating knowledge from industry, higher education and research and by engaging stakeholders from the entire raw materials value chain. EIT RawMaterials will promote increased

resource efficiency and the improvement of processes and products, support the introduction of new, innovative technologies and rethink our current linear economic model to move towards a circular approach. Further focus areas are to increase human capital in the raw materials sector and promote entrepreneurial education at all levels.

We see a Europe with industrial strength built on a foundation of efficient, secure and sustainable supply and use of raw materials. In this vision, products, processes and solutions are geared towards the closure of closely interconnected material cycles. These dynamic and rapidly changing material cycles will attract new investments, enhance the innovation capacity for competitiveness and incite the interest of talented, skilled, entrepreneurial employees. The aim is for society as a whole to appreciate the value of raw materials and perceive the sector as innovative and attractive.

EIT RawMaterials aims to significantly enhance innovation in the raw materials sector by sharing of knowledge, information and expertise: Entrepreneurs, Start-ups and SMEs receive funding and support through our partner network and collaboration activities.

EIT and EIT RawMaterials are and will be an integral part of the Horizon Europe Framework Programme for Research and Innovation 2021-2027. EIT RawMaterials has evolved to an open, integrated, outward-looking, and expanding partnership closely connected with the European Commission’s policy agenda and driven by a strategy to create industrial symbiosis through innovation across value chains.

EIT RawMaterials is becoming a network—and service-focused organisation (2021-2027), with the ambitious aim of emerging as a stand-alone, profitable, fully-fledged professional service organisation.


3. Activity/project to which the RfP is referring to:

In the framework of KIC partnership scenario the partners survey is one of the ‘quality service requirements’ requested either by the EIT and the Executive Board of EIT RawMaterials in order to assess the level of engagement, satisfaction and happiness of the association’s partners within the community, as a base tool to measure the wellbeing of the organisation and to identify weaknesses and methods for improvement.


4. Description of Services to be provided:

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Survey Design Refinement: Review and provide recommendations based on practice to finalise the survey design and questionnaire,
  • Survey Administration: Distribute the survey to our partners and ensure a high response rate.
  • Data Analysis: Analyze the survey results using appropriate methods.
  • Reporting: Provide ongoing progress updates, and prepare an interim (30 day) report / presentation and final (full period) report detailing the findings, insights and general results of the survey.
  • Presentation: Present the results to EIT RawMaterials team.

Technical Requirements

  • Online survey platform capable of handling confidential responses
  • Data security measures to protect respondent confidentiality (GDPR)
  • Analytical tools for data processing and visualization


The survey will have to be conducted, analyzed and presented within an eight-ten week time period, as required to achieve a high response rate. An interim report will be required 30 days after commencement of the survey.


5. Selection Criteria:

EIT RawMaterials will use multiple criteria to select the most appropriate partner. The following list summarizes the major qualitative areas that will be evaluated:

  • Services offering as defined in section 4 (45%)
  • Previous relevant experience as defined in section 4 (20%)
  • Cost-effectiveness (35%)


6. Response Contents and Format:

Please complete all sections of the RfP as defined under Section 7. If additional material is required for one or more tasks, please label attachments clearly and reference them in your response. Your response to this RfP will serve as the basis for the consideration of your potential as a selected venture.


7. Information Requirements:

For the purposes of understanding more about your company and your ability to successfully fulfil this important EIT RawMaterials requirement, please provide the information below as part of your response, clearly referencing each specific question.

Corporate Information

Give a brief overview of your organization’s involvement in providing services as described above in the marketplace covering the “Expertise” requests of Section 4.


Describe your proposal as a response to the generic elements mentioned in this RfP and in specific in the “Services” requests of Section 4.

The proposal should foresee for each action, a detailed set of deliverables, timeline and milestones and should be complemented by an estimate of costs.


Describe your pricing model and a detailed financial analysis that is requested to execute your proposal.


8. Response Delivery Instructions:

Please submit an electronic copy of your proposal to the email address indicated in the Communications and Response section above. All responses must be received on or before close of business (3:00 pm CET) on the proposals due date indicated in the key dates table below.


9. Key Dates:

  • 01.07.2024: RfP available and advertised
  • 08.07.2024: Proposals submission deadline
  • 10.07.2024: Award by EIT RawMaterials
  • 10.07.2024: Commencement of work


10. No Obligation:

The submission of a proposal shall not in any manner oblige EIT RawMaterials to enter into a contract or to be responsible for the costs incurred by your organization in responding to this request.


11. Agreement of Non-Disclosure:

This document is considered to be proprietary and shall not be disclosed to any other party. It is designed, developed and submitted to potential partners of EIT RawMaterials solely for the benefit of EIT RawMaterials.


12. No Guarantee:

EIT RawMaterials makes no guarantee of future volumes and offers volume information for directional purposes only, to assist vendors with proposal preparation.


13. Costs for preparing proposals/offers:

No costs incurred by the tenderer in preparing and submitting the proposal are reimbursable. All such costs must be borne by the tenderer.


14. Contact:

Anoop Kayarat: Communications@eitrawmaterials.eu

Anahita Dsouza: anahita.dsouza@eitrawmaterials.eu