EIT RawMaterials supported start-up REIN4CED reveals its new Europe-based production location

To meet customer demand in bringing high-end impact-resistant bicycle frames to the market, REIN4CED is setting up an automated production line. This production line will be installed in Leuven, Belgium and will deliver its patented impact-resistant frames starting late 2019. By opening this production line, REIN4CED will allow its customers – leading cycling brands – to bring back carbon frame production from Asia to Europe. As a result, they will benefit from significant logistic advantages as well as increased supply chain flexibility and efficiency.

The REIN4CED facility in Leuven will start at an annual production capacity of at least 20 000 bicycle frames

The new production plant for innovative bicycle frames is a major milestone in the further growth path of REIN4CED.

Already late 2019, our first impact-resistant frames will roll off the new production line. Moreover, REIN4CED is actively engaged in advanced discussions with multiple world-leading cycling brands that want to incorporate REIN4CED’s patented impact-resistant material in their portfolio.

Dave Luyckx, CPO at REIN4CED

REIN4CED new Belgian facility and its choice of state-of-the-art production equipment allow to steadily increase the production volumes in response to growing demand for localised production in Europe. Located centrally in Europe, and less than 20 kilometres away from Brussels international airport, the facility enables REIN4CED to flexibly host bicycle industry delegates and ship frames internationally.

REIN4CED revolutionises the cycling industry

REIN4CED, start-up supported by EIT RawMaterials, will manufacture impact-resistant and lightweight bicycle frames for bicycle brands wishing to offer their cyclists maximum performance with enhanced safety and durability. Carbon fibre composites, known from Formula 1 and race bikes, are light and strong but face sudden, brittle and dramatic fracture behaviour. To tackle this problem, REIN4CED has developed and patented a brand new composite material. With this new material and a new fully automated production process, REIN4CED will offer safe, durable and lightweight bicycle frames. The initial focus is on the bicycle market, followed by automotive and aerospace.

REIN4CED strengthens carbon composite fibres with steel fibres while retaining the existing favourable material properties

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