Erfan Kimiaei is one out of many students who have made an impressive growth journey while studying at an EIT-labelled master’s programme

Erfan Kimiaei is an inspiring example of how the EIT-labelled Master’s Programme in Advanced Materials for Innovation and Sustainability (AMIS) has fostered yet another growth journey. Kimiaei was accepted as one of the students at the EIT-labelled programme AMIS a few years ago, and in 2019 found himself as the second-place winner of the EIT Jumpstarter prize with his newly founded start-up.

Making an impact is what has kept me motivated. I want to contribute to the green transition and make all our lives better. This is now possible thanks to my studies at the EIT-label programme.

Erfan Kimiaei, now a PhD student at Aalto University

After completing his Bachelor’s studies in his hometown in Iran, he found the EIT-labelled programme AMIS an interesting option for the next chapter of his education.

Impressive growth journey

By studying at the EIT RawMaterials AMIS Master’s Programme, Kimiaei became part of an extraordinary ecosystem of entrepreneurs, companies, students and alumni across Europe. His vision was – and still is – to influence positive change for the environment and help secure a sustainable future.

The EIT RawMaterials AMIS Programme is a launchpad for understanding the entire raw materials value chain and developing a mindset for innovation and entrepreneurship. Within the RawMaterials Master School, students are offered industry-focused programmes which enable collaboration with top specialists from academia, research, and industry.

The combination of business and entrepreneurship with a material science theme in the AMIS programme enabled us, as students, to participate in many different lectures and events. There were many opportunities for talented students with different backgrounds to sit together and share their knowledge, insights, and expertise.

Erfan Kimiaei, PhD student at Aalto University

Fostering problem-solving skills

The entrepreneurship components equip students with a problem-solving mindset to tackle future challenges across the entire raw materials value chain. Master education at EIT RawMaterials promotes interdisciplinary, international collaboration, and within each programme, students have the opportunity to study at several centres of excellence throughout Europe.

The international spirit and the integrated mobility made this an amazing two-year master’s journey for me.

Erfan Kimiaei, PhD student at Aalto University

The primary focus of the EIT-labelled AMIS Programme is metal and mineral raw materials. Substitution of critical or toxic materials in products and for optimised performance is key in the programme, as well as material chain optimisation for end-of-life products and product and services design for the circular economy. Additionally, the AMIS programme includes a solid package of courses and project work in innovation and entrepreneurship.

In the beginning, I did not want to become an entrepreneur, although I have always tried to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset. I firmly believe that either we are entrepreneurs or not, an entrepreneurial mindset is an advantage when wanting to empower our community.

Erfan Kimiaei, PhD student at Aalto University

However, Erfan Kimiaei found himself establishing a start-up business when participating in the EIT Jumpstarter 2019, in which he won second place. Later the same year, he won third place in the biobased innovation student challenge contest in Europe, representing Finland.

Today he is a Student Ambassador for the EIT-labelled Master’s programme AMIS and a Doctoral Candidate with a focus on the growing demand to develop biobased materials from renewable sources.

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