The Metallic Mining Hall (MMH) was held in Sevilla, Spain, on 17-19 October 2017, offering an international forum for the industry related to mineral extraction and processing.

The focus of MMH 2017 has been the sustainability of metals mining with regard to the technology advancements, the environmental protection and efficiency of the processes.

In this 2017 edition, EIT RawMaterials and MMH have started a fruitful collaboration to the benefit of the sector’s stakeholders. The CLC South has organized a booth and a Matchmaking Workshop “Challenges and Innovation in Exploration and Mining: Opportunities with EIT RawMaterials”. The event aimed at showcasing to industries and SMEs the opportunities offered by EIT RawMaterials as a reference organization in Europe, and at addressing the technological challenges in the primary resources sector (e.g. exploration and mining).

Speakers representative relevant mining companies, project coordinators of exploration and mining KAVAs, renowned experts of the sectors contributed to the Workshop sessions and the roundtable, illustrating the opportunities for joining the EIT RawMaterials network, accessing funding instruments and high-quality education programs for professionals interested in exploration, mining and processing.

For more information about the event, please check the official MMH website.