We’re thrilled to unveil the finalists selected for the Eramet Water Resource Innovation Challenge 2023, an Open Innovation initiative managed by EIT RawMaterials. After an extensive and competitive selection process, the best ten teams pitched their solution on 1 December 2023 to an evaluation committee, comprising of multidisciplinary experts covering various business domains from Innovation, Environment, and Operations.

These exceptional innovators have emerged as frontrunners, showcasing groundbreaking solutions that promise to revolutionize water resource management in the raw materials sector.

Meet the Finalists:

Weeefiner: The Finnish start-up Weeefiner introduces a one-stop solution for metal recovery and water treatment. Weeefiner’s breakthrough technology can recover up to 100% of selected dissolved metals maximizing the potential of existing operations. Weeefiner aims to improve mining sustainability by optimizing resource utilization and decreasing water pollution.

Nagaré Hydro: Nagaré , a spin-off of University of Liège, presents a cutting-edge groundwater flux measurement to optimise the management of aquifers in mining environment. Nagaré’s solution empowers industries to to understand the hydrodynamics of the groundwater flow better and by this way to reduce the environmental cost and enhance environmental sustainability.

Terra 15: Australia-based start-up Terra 15 pioneers pipeline leak detection and integrity Monitoring. Their distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) system utilises fiber optic cable installed along the length of the pipeline to detect small leaks before they turn into large damaging events. Ultimately the system can reduce costs through reduced labour for monitoring, maintenance and repairs.

2S Water: Canadian start-up 2S Water has developed a sensor which detects metals in water in real time in a fully automated system. The business concept is to monitor aqueous streams for process optimization, reducing environmental impact while increasing revenue. This allows for real time process optimization of extractive processes such as lithium extraction, as well as increased compliance for effluent.

What’s Next?

These four remarkable finalists will move forward to the final stage of the Eramet Water Resource Innovation Challenge and engage in individual coaching sessions. They will have the opportunity to present their visionary solutions to the Management Board of Eramet and a distinguished panel of industry experts, at the Eramet Innovation Seminar on 13 March 2024. The winner will be voted on and announced at the Final.

Stay tuned and follow our updates as we approach the exciting culmination of the Eramet Water Resource Innovation Challenge.

We would like to thank all innovators that have been part of the journey and have submitted an outstanding number of innovations that aim for a transformational impact. Join us in celebrating innovation and excellence in water resource management shaping a sustainable future of the mining industry.

About the Challenge:

The Eramet Water Resource Innovation Challenge, managed by EIT RawMaterials, seeks to identify and support pioneering solutions that address critical water-related challenges within the raw materials sector. This initiative aims to foster innovation, sustainability, and efficiency in water resource management, contributing to a more resilient and responsible industry.