EIT RawMaterials Innovation Hub South and ADACI launch a new Masterclass in Circular Supply Chain for entrepreneurs, supply managers and public authorities

The transition towards a circular economy is a key element of the EU Green Deal as it can contribute reducing primary resource extraction as well as environmental impacts throughout products’ life cycles. Assessing the risk of supply chain disruptions for raw materials as inputs into production processes is now crucial for companies, countries, and economic blocs like the EU.

This course will provide insights on how to orchestrate socio-technical change towards a circular economy and enhance new value creation. At the end of the course, the attendees will be able to understand the concept of the business model and its implications for business strategy and competitiveness. Students will be introduced to the analysis of strategic and critical raw materials that may affect governments and companies, and suggest strategies for mitigating the risk or exploiting the opportunity of adopting a circular approach to tackle sourcing issues.

The course has been co-developed by EIT RawMaterials and ADACI, the Italian association of purchasing and supply management and member of the European Raw Materials Alliance (ERMA).

The Masterclass comprises four modules focusing on:

  1. Introduction to Circular Supply Chain Economy (ADACI, IT)
  2. Basic concepts of Circular Economy (VTT, Finland)
  3. Circular business models (University of Trento, Italy)
  4. Industrial symbiosis and Life Cycle Assessment (experts from Italy)
  5. Circular Economy and supply management (University of Leiden, Netherlands)
  6. Final roundtable (ADACI, IT)

The training will be online with three hours of dedication per module (18 hours total) in six days distributed in two weeks, starting from 31 January, 1-2 February, 7-8-9 February 2022. The course is partly in Italian and English. Next editions can be fully in English, upon request, and customised.

For more information, please contact EIT RawMaterials Innovation Hub South.

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