MapWizard integrated into commercial advangeo® 2D Prediction software with new results from assessments of undiscovered mineral resources in Nordic countries, Germany and the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Information on remaining, although yet unknown, mineral resources is becoming increasingly important for decision-making at country and regional level. In addition, exploration companies need good quantitative information on the expected endowment in the area selection phase.

The three-year project Mineral Resource Assessment Platform (MAP), supported by EIT RawMaterials, has come to its conclusion. In this project, the team has developed a free open source software called MapWizard that can be used for streamlining the assessment process of undiscovered mineral resources. In addition, MapWizard was integrated into the commercial advangeo® 2D Prediction software that Beak Consultants has developed independently.

MapWizard and its integration into advangeo® 2D Prediction software were launched in a stakeholder workshop on 15 December 2020. In this event, MAP project presented the results from assessments of undiscovered mineral resources, performed by project partners using MapWizard for different mineral deposit types in the Skellefteå area in Sweden and the Caledonides in Norway, Erzgebirge in Germany, in Iceland and the Rainbow area, Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

From the MAP project website you can access the recording from the online launching event, files of the presentations, the assessment reports made by MAP partners, MapWizard user manual and, most importantly, the distribution package of the free MapWizard software.

The MapWizard distribution package (v1.4) contains instructions for installing the software, installation files, test data, MapWizard Method and Data Guide and MapWizard User manual.

The functionalities of the commercial advangeo® 2D Prediction software provide a more advanced user interface for MapWizard software. For any additional information or a demo, please contact

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