Lifelong Learning for lightweighting professionals

Lightweight materials are a fast-growing sector. The main factor driving this growth is the increasing demand for fuel-efficient, less polluting and better-performing transportation systems. Companies manufacturing vehicle parts are experiencing a growing demand for lightweight components, and together with research centres and educational institutions, are facing challenges in introducing innovative yet cost-effective and safe solutions that can cope with diverse technological constraints.

One big challenge is how to reduce the weight with the same or lower production cost and the same or better product performance, compared to the traditional solution. Ensuring that technical and managerial staff are fully up-to-date with the latest in lightweight technologies is therefore a key to enabling innovation and increased competitiveness in the industry. The professional training concept underlying in the Lightweight Professional courses addresses the designing and handling rules for new materials.

The professional training concept underlying in the Lightweighting courses addresses designing and handling rules for new lightweight materials.

Utilising the potential of lightweight materials

The Lightweighting Professional programme is an international, modular training programme developed by leading European lightweight material experts. It delivers high quality content and ready-to-use practical knowledge. Participants will experience an open atmosphere with the opportunity for exchange with other participants and industrial branches.

The course gives a comprehensive introduction for lightweight manufacturing, it brings several concepts of engineering and design together.

Lightweighting Professional course participant

Participants will be able to identify and differentiate the steps involved in developing lightweight products. They will learn how to use, design, construct and set up processes with specific lightweight materials in the correct way to fully utilise the potential of lightweight strategies. The courses are aimed at employees in industry whose work involves planning the manufacture of lightweight products, and at employers who want to start manufacturing products based on lightweight concepts.

Developed by leading European lightweight material experts, the Lightweighting Professional programme enables participants to fully utilise the potential of lightweight strategies.

Discover flexible modules

The Lightweighting Professional programme offers an open and flexible design that allows you to pick and choose different modules according to your interest and needs. You can select and build your desired path: starting from Basic to Expert level certification.

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