Smart solutions for a sustainable future
Exploration. Mining. Processing.

Minerals and metals are the lifeblood of our modern society and the key to a more sustainable and carbon neutral future. European industries depend on raw, processed and advanced materials, but these are not sourced and produced locally. Therefore, the EU has a significant import dependency and is vulnerable to scarcity and supply shortage. Resources, both primary and secondary, exist in Europe, but are under-explored or not fully exploited. In this context, European stakeholders have to address strategic issues such as the supply of critical raw materials, the social acceptance of the primary raw materials sector, resource efficiency in mineral processing and valorisation of waste and tailings. Responsible investments to boost exploration and mining efforts and to strengthen processing capabilities through smart and sustainable solutions are further key aspects of this ambitious but much-needed initiative.

The Sustainable Discovery and Supply Lighthouse’s vision is to boost innovation, social engagement and investment for Europe’s clean and green future.

We would like to invite you to the launch event of the third EIT RawMaterials Lighthouse Sustainable Discovery and Supply. This launch event ahead of the 12th Fennoscandian Exploration and Mining conference (FEM 2019) will be a great opportunity to attend inspiring presentations and to connect and interact with people who want to drive innovation in the European exploration and mining sector. We divided up the programme into two parts:

  • keynote speeches by leaders from industry and academia
  • engaging pitch & match session in the afternoon of day one and three thematic breakout sessions on day two

We look forward to welcoming you at the event.


Sustainable Discovery and Supply Lighthouse

The Sustainable Discovery and Supply Lighthouse will promote the benefits of a strong minerals and materials sector in modern society and the transition towards the green and circular economy. The Lighthouse aims to find innovative solutions for securing and processing strategic mineral resources in a sustainable and safe way and with a Social License to Operate (SLO).

This Lighthouse will foster activities that drive knowledge transfer, collaboration and responsible investments through industry engagement, as well as contribute to an improved decision making based on knowledge, data and advanced technologies. This will reduce import dependency and also significantly contribute to economic growth, specifically in regions where new exploration projects, mining operations and processing facilities can be developed or expanded.

The Sustainable Discovery and Supply Lighthouse will promote social engagement through education, networking and liaising with all involved stakeholders and the wider public will play a pivotal role in raising awareness and increasing acceptance of a renewed raw materials sector in Europe.

Sustainable Discovery and Supply Lighthouse goals are:

  • unlocking the potential for a renewed raw materials sector in Europe as a driver for domestic raw material value chains
  • building on Europe’s existing strengths in industry, research, innovation and infrastructure within and outside EIT RawMaterials diverse portfolio
  • further establishing trust, credibility and recognition through competency, positive engagement and by creating value for all stakeholders
  • providing clear advice for decision-makers and fostering innovation by creating, transferring and applying knowledge and driving the application of research outcomes through to stakeholder engagement
  • boosting responsible investments in the raw materials sector and invigorating the European start-up and junior company environment by fostering entrepreneurial talent
  • taking responsibility to reduce the footprint of the raw materials sector (waste-water-energy-emissions)

For more information please visit the Lighthouses page.

Speakers include

Event Highlights

Resource Efficiency

Social Licence to Operate

Research and Industry Interface


Industry Perspective